Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Emotional Safety

by Kayla Mayers, Instructor

When you send your children to school do you expect learning to take place? Do you expect them to feel safe? Because the answers to those questions are a resounding “duh!” there are curriculum standards and zero-tolerance bullying policies in place within schools. There are not policies in place, however, for the kids who suffer from emotional anxiety. No blatant signs exist for a child feeling emotionally unsafe in the classroom, so teachers have to be privy to the underlying meaning of the emotional responses that kids experience. These emotional responses show up in the form of fight, flight, or freeze when a child is living in a stressed mind.

I can’t do math! Self-fulfilling prophecies in learning.

By Steve Weaver, FWCL Instructor

Have you ever heard your student, or any student, say something like, “I can’t do math!” Maybe you’ve heard, “I hate reading!” or, “I’ll never understand chemistry!”

While I have said the last statement many times to myself while in high school and college, I no longer think chemistry is Satan incarnate. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve reflected back on how I missed some chances to really understand chemistry and do some spectacular things because of what I told myself. Maybe I’d be an engineer by now or would have discovered the cure for cancer.

Relationships: Why they're fundamental to learning

By Steve Weaver, FWCL Instructor

Would you buy a car from a person you never met - sight unseen? Would you allow a contractor you never heard of to build your new dream house? Would you go on a scuba dive with an uncertified dive instructor you only talked with briefly? Would you go out on a blind date to a desolate canyon? 

Building GRIT

by Kayla Mayers, FWCL Instructor

Angela Duckworth is the leading voice on the topic of grit. As she states in this video (below), grit is the ability to sustain attention and effort toward long-term goals.  She leaves her audience with the admission that her research on grit is still on-going and that she hopes to one day share her findings on how to actually build grit in children.

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