Visualizing & Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking®

Signs your child may benefit from comprehension instruction

  • Very small vocabulary and/or slow vocabulary growth
  • Often unable to find the right word and speaks in very short sentences
  • Difficulty remembering sequences such as numbers, alphabet, days of the week
  • Difficulty understanding simple directions and following routines
  • Extremely restless and easily distracted, compared to other children of the same age
  • Strong avoidance of certain activities, like storytelling and circle time
  • Trouble interacting with peers
  • Slow recall of facts
  • Slow to learn new skills, relies heavily on memorization
  • Difficulty with getting the main idea, summarizing information, organizing information, and/or relating previous knowledge to new information

Program Description

The Visualizing and Verbalizing®, or V/V Program, is used to increase language comprehension; the ability to understand, organize, and express what one reads, hears, and sees. It includes the ability to recall facts, get the main idea, conclude, predict, and evaluate. Instructors will work with your child to practice describing, summarizing, and thinking and reasoning critically with what they see, hear, or read by “picturing” images in their mind. This practice progressively becomes more and more complex, moving from pictures to sentences to paragraphs, and then to whole pages of information. At the same time, new vocabulary is discovered, visualized, and practiced to enhance descriptions and encourage creativity. This may then be applied to writing, specific subject learning, study skills, and test-taking.

FWCL practices Lindamood-Bell™ Respond-to-the-Response Strategies, Socratic teaching strategies, verbal mediation strategies, self-coaching strategies, and diagnostic teaching strategies. This type of instruction is focused on facilitating a student’s ability to discover what he needs to know, to be able to break down and organize information and to develop his self-monitoring, self-control and self-adjusting skills when doing a task. The focus is not on just providing students with information but on facilitating and supporting them through the process of discovering, connecting, storing, retrieving and applying information.

Fort Wayne Center for Learning is not affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Corporation.

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